History takes center stage for 4th graders

Historical field trips to Cripple Creek and the Plains Conservation Center bring Colorado history to life while Marrama's new 4th grade social studies curriculum prepare students for state assessment.

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Events Create Community Bond

The Marrama teaching staff uses family events to connect with parents and simultaneously showcase student work. Literacy, math, science, and the arts are featured in annual events.

Specialized Programs Compliment Instruction

Integrating hands-on experiences into academic curriculum is critical for understanding why and how the world works. Students learned civic responsibility for their cummunity through beautification of the new school garden.

Special Activities Broaden Student Experiences

Balancing academics with specialized activities gives students the background experiences they need to become well-rounded individuals.

Staff plays dressup as favorite storybook characters

Teachers and staff create an environment that encourages students to engage with learning, use their imagination, and have fun. Bedtime story night is a student favorite that features teachers dressed as their favorite storybook characters and milk and cookies.

Student and teacher dedication to Marrama is evident in the many family events, special activities and programs, and academic progress shown every year. Marrama is truly a community school.