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Thanks to our parents, teachers and staff for all your support throughout the school year. Our students have shown progress in many areas, and this would not have been possible without your encouragement and cooperation. From all of us – Thank You!

Don Ziska, MIS, Room 102

Update RM 114!!! :-)

I am so happy to announce that our class is getting a Promethean Board installed this week. This smart board is a large interactive touch screen that will be hooked up to my computer, and it will replace my chalkboard. It will be installed this Thursday the 20th after lunch, and the children will have to be out of the room during the installation. Therefore, I have decided that we should schedule our annual trip to the Dollar Tree at this time.
For those of you that are new, we have a tradition of buying gifts for each other during the holiday season. In order to express how much we care about our friends, we draw names from a hat and shop for gifts to exchange with our friends before we leave for the holiday vacation. We will open our presents on December 19th, our last day before break.
So, we will eat lunch on Thursday, then walk to the bus stop at 38th and Ensenada. We will start walking around 12:00 and wait for the bus to arrive at 12:30. The #43 bus will take us to the Dollar Tree on Tower Road and Salida St. We will shop for our gifts and then return to school on the #43 bus around 1:30. Your child will need $2.20 for the round trip bus ride (one-way discounted fare is $1.10), and $1.10 to shop at the Dollar Tree. I have checked the weather and it should be in the 40’s on Thursday so it should be a nice day for a walk. The walk to the bus stop is not too far but if you would like to join us with a stroller for your child that would be great. Or just come along with us for the fun of it!!!!

What: Field Trip to Dollar Tree on Tower Rd. and N. Salida St.
When: Thursday November 20th at 12:00pm
What to bring? $3.30 (dollar bills and dimes would be much appreciated)



Mr. Ziska and Mrs. Parks are proud to announce the launch of their new product line:

Hank’s Happy Dog Treats

Hank is Mr. Ziska’s dog and he is proud to be the new spokesdog for this fabulous new product. The students in room 114 have perfected the art of baking home made dog treats and will be selling them for 3 for $1.00. Proceeds will fund field trips and materials for our classrooms throughout the year. Look for our display in the Marrama Community Room. Custom orders can be requested a week in advance. Tell your friends, both human and canine.