Newsletter Rooms 114/102

We have had a busy semester so far. Our students have been working on learning double digit numbers and learning new sight words. We just finished learning about animal habitats to prepare us for our trip to the Zoo on Monday November 3rd. We are also excited to see all of our parents on Tuesday October 31st for our fun Halloween party at 12:30, and on Friday November 17th at 11:00 for our annual Thanksgiving Family Luncheon! We can’t wait to see you so you can even stop by for a visit before then to see the new sensory equipment that we have put up in our room!




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Welcome to a new school year. I am so excited to see all of my students and see how they have all grown. In room 102 this year, we are going to continue to learn our ABC’s, sight words and numbers. My students learned many new skills last year including answering comprehension questions, counting by 2’s and adding and subtracting. I know we will get even smarter this year while we learn to be good friends and have fun.