5th grade NEWS!!!




We are gearing up for a new year in 5th grade. It is the last year of elementary school and we are here to get students ready for middle school. Our expectations are high for each and every student for their academics and behavior.

Reading: Please encourage your student to read every night. Independent and comprehension skills are key to be successful in fifth grade.
Some questions to ask your student while they read:
– Who are the characters?
– What is the problem? How did they solve it?
– How does the character or their actions connect to you?
– Could this story happen in real life?


Math: Practice, Practice, Practice. Students can practice math at home on IXL. Every student has their own username and password. www.IXL.com
We will be learning multi-digit multiplication, division, operations with fractions and operations with decimals. There is a lot to cover!
If you student is struggling on homework, youtube is a fantastic tool to use for reteaching videos are a content. Or you can use Khan Academy

Science: There is a lot to look forward to in science. Students will be tested in science on CMAS.
In 5th grade we do hands on experiments and they have to be earned. Students need to complete their work to have the background knowledge to participate in the experiment.